We’re A Double-
Private School For Gifted Students

Searching For K-12 Schools For Your Twice-Exceptional Student? We Can Help.

Public school doesn’t always cater to everyone, and it’s often the students with twice exceptionalities (giftedness and ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, etc.) who are left behind.

It is for these children that Dr. Laura Lowder established Scholars Academy for the Gifted, a private school for gifted students. Double accredited by Accreditation International (Ai) and the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), our school’s mission is to encourage gifted students of all kinds to grow at their own pace.

The Scholars Academy

Scholars Academy’s curriculum is specially designed to accommodate each student’s strengths and growth opportunities. Children are free to explore different topics and challenge themselves by pursuing subjects that traditional schools might consider far above the traditional grade level.

The teachers at Scholars Academy have extensive experience teaching gifted and twice exceptional students and understand how to develop individualized curriculum to meet each student’s needs. More information on the ideas and practices our teachers are implementing can be found on our teacher-written blog, Empowering Tidbits.

We are well-equiped to assist children experiencing asynchronous development, meaning different parts of their brains are developing at different speeds. For children who may excel in math but struggle to read (or vice versa), or children who exceed academically but lack social skills expected for their age level, our learning approach meets students on their own terms.

Three Distinct Learning Opportunities For Gifted Students

Virtual Gifted Academy: Provides K-12 education to gifted students around the world.

Scholars Academy for Pre-Professional Dancers: Provides flexible education for students studying at the pre-professional ballet pre-pro training programs around the world.

Scholars Academy in Downtown Albemarle, NC: Located close to the Pfeiffer University Center for Health Sciences, our school for gifted and twice-exceptional students ages 5 to 11 offers in-person classroom instruction at this convenient location.

Let’s Talk About Your Child’s

Regardless of which Scholars Academy location you choose, all our classes are taught in small groups, emphasizing hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. If your child has been “held back” or has struggled to flourish in a traditional school setting that emphasizes standardized testing and textbook-driven learning, enrolling at Scholars Academy may be a welcome change.

We are open to all inquiries, and our admission staff welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about your child’s needs and how we can help them achieve their full potential. Scholars Academy’s online and in-person schools for gifted students can enroll students any time of year, though most students enroll in the spring for classes that start in the fall. Contact us to learn more.