Empowering Tidbits

Our Empowering Tidbits education blog for teachers and parents of gifted students was developed to provide helpful information and resources on how to support gifted students. Our blog pages are written by our compassionate and knowledgeable teachers. Using their academic expertise and professional experience, they cover a variety of strategies for assisting gifted and talented students in and out of the classroom.

Our instructors understand the challenges that come with being labeled a gifted student, and they can equip you with the best tools to face them. Some of the authors of our articles are not only renowned instructors, but also parents of gifted students themselves. They have a deep level of empathy and understanding about navigating traditional schooling environments as gifted and exceptional students.

They have written educational blog articles discussing what it’s like to grow up as a gifted student, and how to encourage and inspire them to succeed. Additionally, some articles go in-depth about asynchronous development, instructing and parenting gifted students, and how to help these scholars feel confident in school and life.

Scholars Academy is well-equipped to provide the best education possible for gifted and talented students, and our pages cover specific strategies we use. We strive for our scholars to know how to use their learning exceptionalities to their advantage, and we use our posts to unpack the hows and whys involved. Our intent is for our teachers to use this education blog to learn from and empower each other, and to enrich parents and other teachers with a deeper understanding of their gifted students. Our blog also offers a unique look for parents who want to know more about our process and how we help gifted students.

Read on to feel empowered!