Scholars Academy Private School In Albemarle,
North Carolina

Located Near The Pfeiffer University Center For Health Sciences

What Makes Our
Private School Unique
& Successful

We are fully accredited from both the National Council for Private School Accreditation and Accreditation International.

We offer travel intensives for our students to learn outside the classroom. We offer enriching opportunities for our gifted students to explore educational environments like the North Carolina Zoo, the mountains, and even Washington, D.C.

Our Academy’s founder, Dr. Laura Lowder, is a true advocate for all students. An avid teacher and professor at Pfeiffer University, Dr. Lowder has Licensure in both Academically Gifted and Reading Specialist for grades K-12. Paired with her B.S. in Elementary Education, her doctorate in curriculum and instruction with a focus in online teaching, Dr. Lowder’s expertise has helped her to effectively assist scholars with diverse learning needs.

Our private schools in North Carolina encourage students to concentrate on their personal and academic advancement rather than working towards a letter grade.

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The Dyslexia Academy: Our Specialized School In N.C.

The Dyslexia Academy is a part of our private school in downtown Albemarle, NC, thoughtfully designed to meet the learning needs of children ages 5-10 who face challenges in reading and writing. Here, our students are given daily dyslexia interventions in both reading and writing. Scholars receive a well-rounded education, which includes classes in science, social studies, and social and emotional skills.

At this private school in North Carolina, rather than fixating on the learning challenges of our gifted students, we concentrate on empowering their strengths. We cultivate an educational environment where children can grow in reading and writing on their own time, without fear or the pressure of routine testing.

Scholarships Available For Families

Scholarships for Our Private Schools in North Carolina

HUGE UPDATE: For the ‘24 – ‘25 school year, ALL North Carolina students in kindergarten through 12th grade will be eligible for the Scholarship regardless of income.

Prior public school enrollment is no longer a requirement for eligibility for the scholarship.

Scholarship amounts will range from approximately $3,000 to approximately $7,000.

The NC Opportunity Scholarship application for the 2024 – 2025 school year will open on February 1, 2024. Families must apply by March 1 to receive priority consideration. More information about the application process will be available on the program website in January.

Full Scholarships Available For Children With IEPS

Interested students MUST apply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE beginning Feb. 1st, 2024 to increase the chances of receiving funding before it runs out. Contact Dr. Lowder with any questions and/or support completing your application. For more information on North Carolina’s Education Student Accounts (ESA+) program, visit this NCSEAA page.

Children with a learning disability or on the autism spectrum may qualify for a full tuition scholarship.

Scholars Academy Faqs:

What is the Daily Schedule Like For Students at Scholars Academy?

At our Scholars Academy of Albemarle, we have designed an effective learning structure for blended learning; capitalizing on the flexibility and benefits of both virtual and in person schooling. Our daily schedule goes as follows:

8:30-9:00 AM: We begin our day with engaging morning routines to get ourselves comfortable and ready to learn.

9:00-10:00 AM: We begin our day with enriching in-person instruction on reading, spelling, and writing.

10:00 AM: Scholars join other children from across the country for our All Academy Morning Meeting with our Academy’s teachers.

10:50 AM-1:00 PM: We continue learning in small groups as we learn math, science, and social studies.

1:00 PM: We take a social lunch break and dive into physical movement for health and wellness

2:30 PM: We wrap up our school day and prepare for dismissal with little to NO homework!

2:30-3:15 PM: Exceptionality & Dyslexia Academy children receive additional, intensive instruction from our master teachers for reading, writing, and spelling with a 3:15 PM dismissal.

At our private school in North Carolina, Mondays are set apart for special guests or visitors, and educational field trips.

Our Fabulous Fridays are designated for STEAM challenges, visual art, creativity, mindfulness, history for empathy, and passion projects.

What Are the Classrooms Like at Scholars Academy?

Our private school in Albemarle is ideal for small groups of students. We have a single, open classroom layout with separate learning areas for our younger-elementary and older-elementary scholars. The placement of our state-of-the-art classroom furniture has been curated to promote interaction between students and teachers. Thanks to the historical skylight in the middle of the room, we have a naturally well-lit learning environment.

Do You Accept Mid-year Transfers?

Yes, we accept enrollments 365 days a year and are happy to guide new scholars through mid-year start dates.

Check out our blog for more information about how we support our gifted and twice-exceptional students.

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