Elementary School Programs

Here at Scholars Academy, we have a variety of talented and gifted elementary school students, and we are proud to have implemented programs specifically for them. Our exceptional procedures are designed to help our scholars thrive while acquiring more skills and learning. The empowering and enlightening programs for gifted elementary school students are listed below.

STEM Classes

We integrate a cutting-edge STEM program into our elementary school curriculum. This is because we place a high value in our students learning about science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. Our scholars love the hands-on experience they get during our labs, and we love seeing their excitement at diving deep into the lessons.

Falcon STEM Camp For Gifted Students

Additionally, if your gifted elementary school student is particularly interested in math and science, we offer a summer STEM camp. Here, scholars get access to additional learning opportunities, one on one attention, and have a blast with other students and our instructors!

Arts & Passion Projects

Our students are given time to pursue personal passion projects. The curriculum for our elementary school students incorporates opportunities for students to pursue various mediums of art. Scholars learn art forms and techniques from a myriad of visual artists and hone their artistic skills through weekly art projects. We also have music classes and fun performances during community meetings.

Social And Emotional Skills

Classes about social and emotional wellness are a weekly part of our program. This teaches them many skills for supporting their emotional well-being, as well as practicing mindfulness. Those skills include (but are not limited to) motivation, self-worth and self-esteem, and success skills.

Specialized Elementary After School Clubs

We all know that living in the 21st century requires a high level of innovative thinking skills. At Scholars Academy, we understand our gifted elementary school students want to learn practical skills, and we use our specialized program based on the P21 Framework to impart this knowledge and experience.

Specialized Elementary After School Clubs

Check out our specialized club programs for gifted elementary school students below:

Quirky Kids After School Care

The quirky kids after school care program is for scholars who are seeking academic enrichment after the school day has ended. This after school program for gifted elementary school students will deepen their knowledge and encourage learning after normal school hours.

The Banned Book Club

Part of our after-school program is the Banned Book Club. Scholars Academy believes these “banned books” hold valuable insights that traditional schools fail to endorse. This club is specifically for 3rd to 7th graders and will provide unique perspectives about age-appropriate topics. This program for gifted elementary and middle school students is fun and informative!

Specialized Programs From The Dyslexia Academy

Students ages 5-9 are eligible to participate in the Dyslexia Academy, a specialized academic program for talented elementary students in need of personalized interventions in writing and reading. This Academy within our elementary school for the gifted is the best place for students to grow in their reading and writing abilities.

In addition to our specialized programs for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning exceptionalities, we also offer literacy and math tutoring after school. Tutoring sessions are one on one and they are entirely catered to the student’s unique learning needs.