Empowering Tidbit # 40.2-Exploring the Upper Academy of SA

March 19, 2024

Unveiling Excellence: Exploring the Upper Scholars Academy for the Gifted-Part II 

“A Day in the Life at Upper Scholars Academy for the Gifted”

*7:30 AM: Rise and Shine*

As the sun gently peeks through the curtains, students at Upper Scholars Academy awaken to a new day of exploration and learning. Some students may choose to begin their day with a morning jog or meditation to invigorate their minds and bodies.

*8:00 AM: Interactive Live Class*

Students gather in their virtual classrooms for an engaging, live session with expert faculty members. Today’s lesson might involve advanced mathematics, discussing complex theories in physics, or exploring the intricacies of literature. Class sizes are kept small to ensure personalized attention and foster dynamic discussions.

*8:45 AM: Independent Classwork*

With textbooks and notebooks in hand, they retreat to their chosen study spot, whether a quiet corner of the porch or a cozy nook in the room. Within this fleeting hour, triumphs and challenges abound. Moments of clarity illuminate the path forward, while obstacles provide opportunities for sustained analysis and problem-solving. Yet, with each hurdle overcome, students emerge stronger and more resilient.

*10:00 AM: Self-Paced Study and Acceleration*

After the morning sessions, students have dedicated time for self-paced study and acceleration. They dive into their textbooks, online resources, and research materials, exploring subjects that pique their curiosity and challenge their intellect. Whether delving into college-level science, composing poetry, or mastering a new language, students have the flexibility to tailor their learning experiences according to their interests and abilities.

*12:00 PM: Lunch and Student-led Clubs*

During the lunch break, students gather virtually to enjoy a nutritious meal and socialize with their peers. Afterward, they participate in student-led clubs and mentorship programs, where they collaborate on projects, engage in lively debates, and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. From drawing club to yearbook, leadership, and graduation planning committees, there’s a diverse array of extracurricular activities to suit every passion and talent.

*1:00 PM: Optional 1:1 Instruction*

For students seeking additional support or guidance in specific areas, optional 1:1 instruction sessions are available with expert faculty members. Whether struggling with a challenging concept or eager to explore a niche subject in greater depth, these personalized sessions offer tailored assistance and encouragement, empowering students to reach their full potential. Many students add 1:1 instruction for their math classes so that they have “just-right” support combined with the ability to accelerate forward at exactly their own pace.

*2:00 PM: Pursuing Passions*

As the official classes come to a close, students have the opportunity to pursue their passions and interests independently. Whether experimenting in the chemistry lab, composing music in the recording studio, or creating works of art in the studio, the academy accepts ongoing, formalized passion projects for course credit to inspire creativity and innovation.

*3:00 PM: Reflection and Relaxation*

As the day draws to a close, students take time to reflect on their achievements and experiences. They journal about their insights, challenges, and aspirations, cultivating a sense of self-awareness and gratitude. Some may unwind with a leisurely walk, while others immerse themselves in a captivating book or engage in stimulating conversations with friends and mentors.

*8:00 PM: Rest and Rejuvenation*

With the day’s endeavors behind them, students prepare for a restful night’s sleep, knowing that tomorrow holds endless possibilities for growth and discovery. As they drift off to sleep, their minds brim with excitement and anticipation for the adventures that await at Upper Scholars Academy for the Gifted.

Set up a free consultation with the director or reach out via email @ drlowder@scholarsacademy4thegifted.org.

Dr. Laura Lowder

Director & Curriculum Coordinator

K-12 AIG, K-12 Reading Specialist, Dyslexia Structured Reading Therapist (in progress)

National Board Teaching Licensure

Scholars Academy for the Gifted & Artistically Elite

Professor of Education, Pfeiffer University

Mom of 5 highly-gifted, twice-exceptional children, 4 who are thriving at SA4theGifted & 1 who is thriving at UNC-Chapel Hill