High School Programs

At Scholars Academy for gifted students, we educate our high schoolers as they are getting ready to venture into the world. We have organized programs for gifted students in high school that empower them for a more successful future. Our incredible programs play a large part in our trained scholars having wonderful success after graduation.

STEM Classes

Our gifted high school students participate in a variety of hands-on activities in our STEM classes. From labs and experiments to experiential learning, scholars in our high school programs get to discover new ideas while engaging with advanced course material.

Arts & Passion Projects

We encourage all of our students to invest time into their personal passion projects. The curriculum for our high school students incorporates opportunities for students to pursue various mediums of art. Our students create a portfolio of their own visual artwork throughout the years.

Social-Emotional Development

Once a week, our scholars attend classes for social and emotional wellness. Our program is led by a qualified life coach who teaches students a variety of practices and skills for mindfulness and emotional well-being. These include (but are not limited to) motivation, self-worth and self-esteem, and success skills. We integrate these practices in our approach to teaching and learning, so our students are supported throughout their curriculum.

21St-Century Skills

Although we live in the 21st century, traditional schooling often fails to impart strong practical skills to the modern student. At Scholars Academy, we know our gifted high school students want to learn things that truly help them in life, so we have developed a specialized program to deliver practical knowledge and skills to our students to help them succeed in today’s modern world.

Travel Intensives

Having knowledge of diversity in our world is crucial. Our pre-professional dancers and gifted high schoolers have a variety of travel intensives to enlighten their minds about our world. This is a fantastic way for scholars to broaden their understanding and experience real-world applications of the concepts they learn in the classroom.

Dual Credit Offerings

Earn transferable college credits through our integrative dual credit program!
Students at our gifted high school can apply for dual credit courses through one of two ways:

  • Local students attending in-person at one of our gifted high schools in North Carolina can obtain dual credit with Stanly Community College.
  • Out of state students can earn dual credit through online courses with Arizona State University.

We partner with one of our nation’s top community colleges (#2 in the state, and #22 in the nation!) which happens to be located in Central North Carolina. By closely collaborating with college instructors and administration, we successfully scaffold the gap from high school to college-level coursework. Many of our scholars have earned transferable college credits, ranking them high in their university and scholarship application pools while preparing them for the skills needed to succeed in higher education.