Our Students

At our institution, we teach different groups of students from all over the United States and the world. These scholars each have unique educational needs that we meet on an individual level. Many of our gifted students experience asynchronous development in learning, are twice exceptional, and vastly artistically talented. Read on for more about how Scholars Academy provides accommodations for our gifted students.

Classes Of Like-Minded Peers

Many of our gifted and twice-exceptional students come from backgrounds where they experienced bullying or were treated like outcasts due to their differences. This is not an issue at Scholars Academy as each of our students is authentically accepted and appreciated. Our students work both individually and in small groups, which encourages long-lasting friendships.

The student relationships cultivated at our school are:

We see the positives in all of our scholars and encourage them to see it, too. As diverse as our learners are, we have seen them build lasting relationships based on shared interests and experiences they’d never considered possible to develop connections through. At Scholars Academy, our students have finally found a place where they can be appreciated for their uniqueness, rather than shunned because of it.

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Diverse Gifted Students Thrive At Scholars Academy

Our Academy is specially designed to accommodate students with exceptionalities such as:
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In traditional learning environments, these exceptionalities can go unsupported, impeding academic growth, and eventually causing an aversion to school. It is our belief that deficit-based learning, or academic growth based on correcting perceived learning deficits, fails to acknowledge and celebrate each learner’s unique gifts. Rather, our strengths-based learning curriculum views exceptionalities as the unique components that make our students even more proficient and talented in a variety of ways.

Consider the challenges of ADHD: impulsivity, difficulty splitting attention, rapid thoughts, distractibility, and sensitivity. However, these can also be utilized to the strength of learners with ADHD; impulsivity and rapid thoughts can help with rapid decision-making, and difficulty splitting attention can be accompanied by hyperfocus, leading to work being done quickly and precisely. Our students are highly driven learners, and it’s up to us to provide them with the skills they need to flourish in and out of the classroom, starting with reevaluating their deficits as strengths.

Asynchronous Development In Gifted Students

If a scholar experiences asynchronous development, they are free to learn separate subjects and competencies at varying speeds.

For instance, a gifted student may excel in art and creativity but may have unique challenges understanding reading and language. Other schools may have the false perception that these students don’t work as hard in certain classes, but the reality is that those who experience asynchronous development will have a much harder time mastering certain subjects and competencies over others.

Our level of understanding and accommodation sets us apart.

At Scholars Academy, we:

Flexibility For High-Achieving & Artistically Talented Students

Some students at our Academies elect to hold themselves to a higher standard than traditional learning expectations. Scholars Academy supports high-achieving students by empowering them to perform to their own personal academic potential, speeding through higher-level courses that could be several grades ahead of their traditionally prescribed learning path. Our customized approach to each student’s academic journey grants the flexibility for both accelerated learning and slower-paced courses as needed.

Many of our students are particularly talented in the art of dance. In the past, we developed specialized programs for pre-professional dance students at the Carry Ballet Conservatory and established accommodations to meet their uniquely busy schedules. Since then, we’ve opened our specialized Academy for Pre Professional Dancers to performers all over the world to receive custom academic enrichment. If you have a pre-professional performer who requires a flexible academic schedule, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation to see the difference Scholars Academy can provide for your child.

Additionally, we cater to more than just gifted students, pre-professional dancers, and those who experience asynchronous development. Many of our students (including the groups listed above) are ambitious and have significant academic goals. Our school wants talented and high-achieving students to meet their potential by encouraging performance at their own level and speed.

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