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Scholars Academy administers educational programs for those who dance at a pre-professional level and are in need of educational support.

How Our Programs Support Pre-Professional Dancers

Scholars Academy administers educational programs for those who dance at a pre-professional level and are in need of educational support. We offer live, virtual academic classes constructed to work around the busy lifestyle of pre-pro dancers. Scholars Academy has also previously worked closely with the Cary Ballet Conservatory, providing the first academically-focused pre-professional dancer-oriented private school in Cary, NC. We also have a new partnership with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School; providing academics to their Level 8 pre-pro students. Read on to learn more about our program, curriculum, and teaching styles.

Our Uniquely Effective Approach

At Scholars Academy, we employ a variety of techniques and practices that help us to stand out from other academies. We are proud of our individuality as an academy and are thrilled with our methods. The following educational program (designed specifically for pre professional dancers) distinguishes us from our competitors:

Education for equity: Every voice has a valuable place in our learning community. We teach this by using a social and emotional learning program (SEL) to teach our students principles of equity.

We employ three pillars of strength to guide our teaching:

1. Provide emotional and social support and instruction for gifted learners

2. Educate on 21st century skills

3. Teach skills with advanced science labs

We have an exceptional philosophy of teaching and learning.

We would love for your pre professional dancer to join this specially-designed education program. Apply now at Scholars Academy.

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Why Dancers Succeed In Our Program

Pre professional dancers are hard at work and constantly on the go. They need educators who understand this lifestyle and can assist them accordingly. Our teachers work closely with Cary Ballet Conservatory & Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School so they understand the rigorous schedule of a pre professional dancer. Through our live, virtual classes for those pursuing professional dance, we are able to offer that guidance and understanding.

This is because:

We have exceptional faculty credentials. Our teachers and educators provide high quality education, and have experience teaching pre-pro dancers.

Our dancers are scholars, too. It is for this reason that our education programs for pre professional dance are made possible. Check out our travel intensives and our ballet calendars at the bottom of this page.

We use research-validated practices. We aim high to always provide the best educational experience for our scholars and their families. We invest In self-evaluation and research. We monitor the effectiveness of our practices, and we know that they work.

Our virtual programs for dance students are curated to equip each student with the skills they need to be successful. We can accommodate a busy dance schedule while making sure our scholars receive a high-quality education. We love what we do, and we are proud to announce that many of our graduates have been accepted to high-ranked universities. Our scholars’ success stories make it all worthwhile! 

For more information about our academic programs for your pre professional dancer, explore our blog or view our admissions procedures

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