Our Curriculum For Gifted And Talented Students

At Scholars Academy, our curriculum is designed for the education of gifted and twice exceptional students. We want to make sure each and every student receives the high quality learning they deserve, and we cater to their unique academic needs.

Scholars Academy Curriculum Fundamentals

Our programs of study includes traditional school subjects, taught in a customized manner for gifted students, including:

Additionally, because many of our talented students are both gifted and twice exceptional, we offer the following non-traditional educational programs:

How Our Gifted & Talented Curriculum Stands Apart

Our In-Person Vs. Virtual Offerings

Our Downtown Albemarle Academy allows students to collaborate with peers, deepen their social skills, and catch up with their friends at school. Our in-person curriculum supplements matches our virtual offerings provided to children across the country and around the world.

How Our Gifted Education Programs Support Diverse Students

Learning Differences

We specialize in twice exceptional and gifted students at Scholars Academy, and our programs are planned around their varying educational needs.

When students face asynchronous development, our curriculum for the gifted and talented will enable them to take a class subject at whatever level and pace that they need. For example, some scholars may be taking a middle school math course while concurrently taking elementary level language classes.

For students with ADHD, we aim to teach them how to view themselves in an uplifting way. We want them to understand what ADHD is, how it’s manifested within themselves, and what that means for them.

When students struggle with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia, our virtual academy and our academy in downtown Albemarle are precisely for them. Our academy educators are enthusiastic and really understand how to assist students with these specific learning differences.

For highly aspirational students, our curriculum caters to the gifted and talented that have big dreams and unique education necessities. If they need higher level academic classes or accelerated learning opportunities, we will accommodate those goals with our advanced programs for gifted students.

We also work with dancers at our Academy for Pre-Professional Dancers. Our specialized institution accommodates the busy schedule of pre-professional performers and offers custom support for their academic development.

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