Empowering Tidbit # 41- Teaching: A Timeless Call to Empower

April 23, 2024

In the quiet corners of a classroom, where sunlight filters through worn-out blinds and chalk dust lingers in the air, you’ll find the heart of education. It is here, among the desks and the books, that educators like myself find our purpose. To teach is to plant seeds that may take years to grow, yet the roots run deep, and the impact is immeasurable.

The Calling of an Educator

The decision to become an educator is not one made lightly. It is a commitment to a life of service, a promise to dedicate one’s time and energy to nurturing the minds of children, youth, and adults. This calling is timeless; it transcends trends and technologies, existing at the core of every thriving community.

Every day, we step into our classrooms with hope and intention. Our goal is simple yet profound: to empower our students to believe in themselves, to question the world around them, and to seek knowledge that will guide them throughout their lives. We do this not for fame or fortune, but because we believe in the power of education to change lives.

The Challenges We Face

The intensity of our commitment to education is profound—we sacrifice our time, energy, and often our resources to give our students the best chance to succeed. Yet, the tireless work we do is often dismissed as expected or ordinary.

We spend countless hours planning, teaching, and supporting our students, fueled by the hope that each one finds their way and thrives. Despite our efforts, society often overlooks the depth of our commitment. It’s as if the heartfelt work we do—the countless moments of encouragement, guidance, and teaching—doesn’t always come across as genuine or even enough. The reality is that our passion burns brightly, but its light isn’t always seen or valued.

Fueling the Passion to Serve

What keeps us going, even in the face of these challenges, is the passion that fuels our desire to serve. Every educator has a story—a moment when they saw the light of understanding in a student’s eyes, a heartfelt “thank you” from a parent, or a former student returning years later to express their gratitude. These moments remind us why we chose this path.

The passion to teach, to mentor, and to guide is a fire that never truly dies. It is fed by the knowledge that each lesson, each encouraging word, and each act of kindness has the potential to make a lasting impact. We know that the work we do today will resonate in the lives of our students long after they leave our classrooms.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

As educators, we understand that our legacy is not written in headlines or on certificates. It is written in the hearts and minds of the people we touch. Our success is measured by the resilience of our students, the curiosity they embrace, and the kindness they show to others.

Though we may never fully know the extent of our impact, we find comfort in knowing that we have played a role in shaping the future. Every child we empower, every youth we inspire, every young adult we guide, contributes to a ripple effect that extends far beyond our classrooms.

To all my fellow educators, remember that our work is valuable, even when it seems unseen. We are building a legacy of service, one student at a time. Let us continue to teach, to inspire, and to empower. For in doing so, we leave a mark on the world that time cannot erase.


This post is dedicated to the magical faculty of Scholars Academy for the Gifted, who bravely and passionately show up and pour their hearts and souls into every single human they meet in our school community. Your unwavering commitment to education, your ability to inspire and uplift, and your passion for seeing the whole human in every student are nothing short of remarkable. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, thank you for your dedication, your resilience, and the countless lives you touch. You are the unsung heroes who make a lasting difference every single day.

-Dr. Lowder 🙂

Director, Scholars Academy for the Gifted

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