Tidbit # 22-Embracing the Memories of Summer, Eager to Dive Back

August 22, 2023

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the adventures and escapades that made it truly unforgettable. From bringing new life into the world to brats in Belgium, summer has gifted us with an array of treasured memories. However, as the calendar turns and September draws near, it’s not just the excitement of a new season that stirs within us. It’s the anticipation of returning to school, ready to embark on another chapter of learning, growth, and exploration. So, let’s take a moment to celebrate the memories we’ve made and investigate the eagerness that eddies within us as we gear up to dive back into the world of discovery! 

  1. Embracing the Ecstasy of Summer: 

These past few months have been a time to slow down and smell the roses, literally. The summer sun graced us with longer days, allowing for more outdoor activities and time spent in nature. Many of us enjoyed time on the beach where we watched loved ones build sand castles, boogie with the waves, and chase Italian ice carts. As a school, we spent nights camping on sandy shores and days searching for shark teeth and fossils among the shells. 

2. Lessons Beyond the Classroom: 

Although “class” may not have been in session, that doesn’t mean we stopped learning. All of our time spent in nature taught us a lesson in impermanence. Seasons change, waves ebb and flow, and nothing in nature remains static. From the availability of seasonal fruits to the summer storms rolling in and out, we learn that life is constantly evolving, and embracing impermanence helps us savor and cherish the present moment. Additionally, we learned that nature thrives on simplicity. It’s the simple things in life that hold the most profound beauty and can ease anxieties: the calming sound of the ocean waves, the hug of a soft, warm breeze, and the earthly scent of freshly cut grass. 

Mrs. Rose ventured to Belgium where she tried exciting new foods and explored castles (learning that WHEW! Castles have A LOT of stairs!) She learned that at the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels, BE, the Atomium was built. It was a marvel of its time and a picture of technological advancement. 

Mrs. Bianca spent her summer days learning what it takes to start and maintain her own farm. Expanding her knowledge of sustainability and respect for nature, Mrs. Bianca practiced conserving resources and understanding the delicate balance between human activities and the ecosystem. On a daily basis, she found herself relying on her STEAM skills, working to find creative solutions to unexpected challenges. 

I myself became a mother! This incredible and transformative journey has been both rewarding and difficult. I have learned the importance of seeking support and accepting help. Having a strong support system has made all the difference in the world. I’ve realized how blessed I am to have such amazing people surrounding me. I’ve learned the importance of embracing the mess, finding beauty in the chaos and of course being kind to oneself. Every day I try to take things one step at a time and enjoy the precious moments, knowing that I’m embarking on one of life’s most rewarding adventures. 

3. The Thrill of a Fresh Start 

As summer draws to a close, the faculty at Scholars Academy are mentally preparing for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. The smell of new books, the collection of STEAM supplies, and the anticipation of meeting new students have us feeling absolutely jazzed! The foretaste of Virtual Summer Camp has us eager to jump back into the world of learning, growth, and exploration full-time! 


Although we treasure our carefree days of summer, we say goodbye with gratitude and avidity. We carry with us all the lessons we have learned, the memories we have made, and the zestiness in our hearts. We are ready to embrace all opportunities to expand our knowledge and help unlock our full potential as a community. 

Hannah Hill Park

Masters of Education, Pfeiffer University

Associate Director of Innovation

K-12 AIG, K-6 Elementary Education Teaching Licensure

Scholars Academy for the Gifted & Artistically Elite

Adjunct Professor of Education, Pfeiffer University

Board Member of The NC Association for the Gifted & Talented

Podcast Host of NCAGT Talent Talk

Mom of 1 Future SA Scholar