Tidbit # 36 Overview of Scholars Academy: Lower School

February 6, 2024

Lower Academy: A Look Inside

Welcome to our Scholars Lower Academy Program, where we have crafted an innovative and student-centric approach to education that prioritizes individualized learning and holistic development. At the heart of our program is a balanced blend of core classes, enrichment courses, and engaging field trips, all designed to nurture a well-rounded educational experience.

The foundation of our lower academy program lies in our commitment to fostering academic excellence. Core classes take center stage three days a week, providing scholars with focused instruction in essential subjects. What sets us apart is our dedication to maintaining small groupings in these core classes, ensuring that each scholar receives personalized attention, engages in meaningful interactions, and benefits from differentiated instruction tailored to their unique learning needs.

Our emphasis on enrichment classes for two days a week goes beyond traditional academics. These classes are carefully designed to tap into diverse interests and talents, fostering a love for learning that extends beyond textbooks. Whether it’s exploring the arts, delving into STEM activities, or participating in physical education, our scholars have the opportunity to discover and develop their passions.

Field trips are an integral part of our curriculum, providing hands-on learning experiences that complement classroom instruction. These excursions not only enrich academic content but also contribute to the overall social and emotional development of our scholars.

At the core of our daily routine is the morning meeting, a dedicated time for community building. Scholars come together to connect, share, and set positive intentions for the day ahead. This communal approach creates a supportive and inclusive environment, setting the stage for a day of success.

In line with our commitment to individual growth, we have reimagined the traditional grading system. Instead of focusing on grades, we provide weekly feedback that highlights specific areas of success and offers guidance for further focus and improvement. This approach encourages a growth mindset, fostering resilience and a continuous quest for knowledge.

Our Lower Academy Program is not just an educational journey; it’s a transformative experience that empowers scholars to become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and lifelong learners. Join us on this exciting adventure, where education is tailored to each scholar’s unique potential, and the joy of discovery is celebrated every day.

Innovative Scholars Academy offers well-rounded classes for K-12 students. Enrolling now for the 24-25 academic year. Visit our website to connect with the director https://scholarsacademy4thegifted.org/.

Dr. Laura Lowder

Director & Curriculum Coordinator

K-12 AIG, K-12 Reading Specialist, Dyslexia Structured Reading Therapist (in progress)

National Board Teaching Licensure

Scholars Academy for the Gifted & Artistically Elite

Professor of Education, Pfeiffer University

Mom of 5 highly-gifted, twice-exceptional children, 4 who are thriving at SA4theGifted & 1 who is thriving at UNC-Chapel Hill