Tidbit # 35-Recognizing the Importance of Gifted Teachers

January 30, 2024

Teachers who are gifted individuals themselves can offer a unique and invaluable perspective in meeting the needs of gifted students. Their personal experiences and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with giftedness can greatly benefit these students.

When it comes to gifted education, gifted teachers are the cornerstone of quality.

Here’s why gifted teachers are important:

1. Empathy and Relatability: Gifted students often feel isolated or different from their peers. Teachers of gifted students who are gifted themselves can relate to these students’ experiences, which can create a sense of empathy and connection. This relatability helps students feel understood and less alone.

2. Tailored Support: Gifted teachers can provide highly individualized support based on their own experiences. They can recognize when a student might be under challenged or experiencing academic boredom and adapt the curriculum accordingly.

3. Mentorship: Gifted teachers can serve as mentors to gifted students, sharing their own experiences and offering guidance on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with giftedness. This mentorship can be particularly inspiring and motivating.

4. Encouragement of Talent Development: Gifted teachers often have firsthand experience in developing their own talents and passions. They can help students identify their strengths, explore their interests, and set goals for talent development.

5. Fostering a Growth Mindset: Gifted teachers can model a growth mindset, emphasizing that abilities can be developed through effort and perseverance. This mindset can inspire gifted students to embrace challenges and view setbacks as opportunities for growth.

6. Advocacy for Gifted Education: Teachers who are gifted themselves can advocate for gifted education programs and the unique needs of gifted students within the school system. Their advocacy can help ensure that these students receive appropriate resources and support.

7. Knowledge Sharing: These teachers can share strategies and resources that have been effective for them personally, helping students develop better study habits, time management skills, and coping mechanisms for the social and emotional challenges that can accompany giftedness.

8. Personalized Enrichment: They can design and implement enrichment activities that draw from their own experiences, making learning more engaging and relevant for gifted students.

9. Role Models: Gifted teachers can serve as powerful role models, demonstrating that gifted individuals can lead fulfilling and successful lives. Their achievements can inspire students to aim high and pursue their own passions.

10. Professional Development: Teachers who are gifted themselves may be more motivated to pursue ongoing professional development related to gifted education. This can lead to a deeper understanding of the latest research and best practices in the field.

In summary, teachers who are gifted individuals themselves can provide a unique and empathetic perspective that enhances their ability to meet the needs of gifted students. They can offer personalized support, mentorship, and advocacy, creating a positive and nurturing learning environment for gifted students and helping them reach their full potential.

At Scholars Academy for the Gifted, we are committed to fostering an environment that celebrates the importance of gifted educators and the insights of teachers who are gifted themselves.

To learn more about how our gifted educators at Scholars Academy for the Gifted can support your child’s unique needs and talents, we invite you to contact Dr. Lowder, our director, directly at drlowder@scholarsacademy4thegifted.org. Dr. Lowder and our team are dedicated to providing personalized support, mentorship, and advocacy for gifted students, helping them thrive academically and socially. Reach out today to discover how we can help your child reach their full potential.

Dr. Laura Lowder

Director & Curriculum Coordinator

K-12 AIG, K-12 Reading Specialist, Dyslexia Structured Reading Therapist (in progress)

National Board Teaching Licensure

Scholars Academy for the Gifted & Artistically Elite

Professor of Education, Pfeiffer University

Mom of 5 highly-gifted, twice-exceptional children, 4 who are thriving at SA4theGifted & 1 who is thriving at UNC-Chapel Hill