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Our online school was designed for gifted and twice-exceptional students. Scholars Academy has a licensed, professional staff that empowers students to learn at their own speed while helping them flourish academically and socially. We have small class sizes with adaptable schedules to meet our students’ diverse needs.

Our mission is to work with families to meet the individual needs of each scholar. We also strive to enhance character growth by learning through personalized teaching and tutoring.

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What Sets The Virtual Scholars Academy Apart

Scholars Academy is intentionally designed to diverge from traditional schools. We want to deliver a unique educational experience to our students.

Below are some of the ways Scholars Academy is different from other academies:

We are a fully accredited private school designed for teaching twice-exceptional and gifted children.

Our students who attend the virtual Scholars Academy become part of a supportive online family.

K-12 Scholars join our online gifted school from across the US and internationally.

Our scholars exceed national testing standards. Our end of year testing results are strong. This is also the only testing our students take throughout the year, as we utilize a variety of other ways for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in our classes.

Our curriculum and program of study is intentionally distinctive and independent from other schools.

Students who graduate from Scholars Academy for the Gifted are regularly accepted into top-ranking universities.

Don’t just take our word for it– learn what scholars and their parents have to say about virtual Scholars Academy.

Our intention is to create the optimal learning environment for twice-exceptional and gifted students. Our
educators deeply care about our scholars and want to see them succeed. We take pride in watching our K-12
scholars achieve, and we encourage this through our exemplary teaching methods and outstanding curriculum. At our online school for the gifted, the main goal for our scholars isn’t to show off a grade or test score. Our intention is to help them become more confident, well rounded individuals.

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